About ACP

I began writing The Language of Animals—a book about the science of animal communication—in 1995. I thought that book-store visitors might want to flip the book open and begin looking and reading, so I wrote each chapter to stand on its own to some degree. This organization also works on a web site, in which readers can navigate to any section and begin reading. The Language of Animals is out of print now, but you can find it in a library or for sale used on the web.

Much has changed since the mid 1990s. I maintained a Research News section for many years. Contact me if you need one of the references.


The Animal Communication Project is and will remain a nonprofit effort. All contributions remain the intellectual property of contributors and are clearly so marked. You must ask permission of the copyright owner to use any of the contents in any way.

The Language of Animals was published in the US by Henry Holt (1996), in Australia by Allen and Unwin (1996), in German by dtv (1997) and in Spanish by Omega (1997).
Cover photo by Art Wolf


I built The Animal Communication Project on Apple Macintosh computers using Adobe GoLive, Dreamweaver and Photoshop; Apple iPhoto, Aperture, QuickTime Pro and FinalCut Pro X, felt tip Sound Studio and other great software. Redesign to make the site accessible on cell phones and tablets in 2018 using Project Seven Harmony and Adaptive Menu Magic plugins for Dreamweaver.